BlueDil International

We think global and act locally in a fully customized way

Europe is the second largest market for orphan drugs: more than 30 million European people are living with a rare disease.

Europe is a large, but very fragmented market:

  • A centralized market authorization process but 28 different NHS
  • Early access possible in many European countries
  • 164 authorized orphan medicinal products in Europe
  • 20 to 25 new orphan medicinal product market authorization per year

As each situation is unique, BlueDil int’l provides customized, cost-effective, low-risk, totally compliant solutions for you.

At each stage of your product life cycle, BlueDil int’l conducts a wide range of strategic and operational missions in Europe.

We are based in Göttingen, London, Madrid, Paris and Parma.

BlueDil int’l is able to work for you all over Europe,establishing strong relationship with local stakeholders (scientific community, KOLS) from patient associations to health authorities to simplify local market access process.

Get access to a tailored end-to-end solution to fit your strategic and operational needs.

BlueDil International

We think global and act locally in a fully customized way

In the rare disease space, each situation is unique, each disease and each product have their specificities, especially in terms of market access and commercialization.

BlueDil int’l supports companies and organizations committed to delivering solutions to people suffering from rare diseases, irrespective of the complexity of the situation in Europe globally and in local countries specifically.

BlueDil int’l customizes its approach to conduct a wide range of strategic and operational missions, whatever the stage in the product development / market access in Europe.

We are based in Göttingen, London, Madrid, Paris and Parma.

European market

Get access to a tailored end-to-end solution to fit your strategic and operational needs.


More than 160 years of experience in severe and rare diseases


More than 46 missions in severe and rare diseases


General Manager or acting General Manager for 21 orphan drugs companies

About us

We can offer you

highly experienced local consultants

Access to highly experienced local consultants through a single-entry point

One centralized point of contact

time and coordination effectiveness

Time and coordination effectiveness

Plug and play missions, started within one month

cost effectiveness low risk business approach

A cost-effectiveness and low risk business approach

Only invest needed time

flexible working method

A flexible working method, which allows to quickly deliver

No internal employees to hire and manage


BlueDil International is a consulting company based in the UK working with a network of specialist companies, pooling skills and capitalizing on senior experts’ knowledge :

Working together for years
and engaged for excellence

BlueDil int'l Founding Partners

  • CEO of BluPhytal and RareInsight
    Leonardo Calzetti
    Founding Partner
  • GM of BlueDil
    Dominique Corneillo
    Founding Partner
  • CEO of BlueDil
    Sylvain Forget
    Founding Partner
  • Partner at BlueOrphan Consulting SL
    Elena Molina
    Founding Partner
  • CEO of Pharmacomedics
    Kamlesh Sheth
    Founding Partner
  • CEO of Dr. Werner Medical Solutions
    Udo Werner
    Founding Partner


  • Managing Partner at Medasol
    Cecilia Marinova
  • Founder of GKIAB
    Tomas Gloveus

Our expertise

12 fields of expertise

logistics & distribution

Logistics & Distribution


field operation

Field operation (KAM, MSL)


human resources recruitment & management

Human resources recruitment & Management


market access

Market access








market research & market assessment

Market research & Market assessment


forecasting & commercial strategy

Forecasting & Commercial Strategy





creative agency & webdesign

Creative agency & Webdesign


medical writer

Medical writer


medical affairs

Medical affairs


A wide range of tailored services to maximize your success

opportunity assesment

Opportunity assessment

Need help to define your product value, identify stakeholders and determine key success factors?
Through in-depth qualitative research and KOL interviews and thanks to our strong scientific background BlueDil int’l has a deep understanding of orphan and complex markets.

patient access

Patient access

Need to better understand patient needs in orphan and severe diseases?
Because patient access is even more important in orphan and severe diseases, BlueDil Intl provides a turnkey solution for companies to develop Early Access Programs, pre-launch and launch activities in Europe.

set-up and optimization of affiliates

Set-up and optimization of affiliates

Need to structure and optimize your affiliates?
BlueDil int’l starts with a full diagnostic to design with you a personalized strategy, helps you to implement your plan or operate on your behalf.

international operations

International operations

Want to expand your presence in Europe in a cost-effective way ?
BlueDil int’l network ensures European coordination and help achieves your goals.

orphan drug distribution

Orphan Drug Distribution

Need to find a flexible and cost-effective solution for the distribution of your orphan product ?
BlueDil int’l supports your logistic deployment in full conformity with European and national regulations.

lifecycle product management

Lifecycle Product Management

Need to manage your products from early access program to maturity?
BlueDil int’l helps you find and implement the right strategy and tactic to improve your product success at every step.

What can we do for you?

A few examples speak best!

  • An effective 360° pre-launch support
  • Your one stop point for market access, prelaunch and launch activities in Europe.


🗞 Here is a short article that presents the new early access program system in Italy.

🗞 We are pleased to share with you a short article that analyses the impact of open data in the rare disease world; Click here to read the full article.

🗞 Here you will find an article that describes the new public payer X pharmaceutical industry pricing framework in France.

🗞 Here is a short article that presents the new early access program system in France. ATU has served well, welcome Early Access (EA).


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